BizBarcelona Fair 2013 – for SME’s and Entrepreneurs – 5th & 6th June


Next week we all have an appointment with the best specialists at BIZbarcelona fair in Barcelona, which is addressed to SMEs and entrepreneurs that seek for catching up on the last trends, getting solutions for their businesses and to speed them up.

160 conferences and trainings have been organized for this event, there will be more than 45 prestigious speakers and presenters, more than 900 personalized management sessions, networking and cooperation activities, commercial exhibition with suppliers of technology and specialized services, marketing meetings, conferences on how to apply and awaken international trade in your business, business match to find new business opportunities, speed dating Business Angels, Crowd-funding, Venture Capital Corner, advice on how to get project financing from the Government and Banks; there will also be speeches about successful cases and experiences, but let’s have a look with more details how the shows will be presented.

For SMEs there will be conferences geared towards business growth. For Entrepreneurs there will be conferences on how to move from business idea to commercial reality. Accelerate your company from 0 to 100.

San Francisco – Barcelona conference. Silicon Valley, some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, will teach us how to do business in Barcelona, and how to learn about the disruptive trends that question life’s big enigmas, and familiarize yourself with the business methodologies of lean start-ups that are changing the world.

Attitudes and skills that we can import from this top talent to improve our own business ecosystems and transform ourselves into successful entrepreneurs. Two cities with more in common than ever will be coming together in the main hall of the Conference Centre on 5 June at bizBarcelona.

Failcon is another conference for entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs to analyse their own and other’s people’s mistakes and prepare themselves for success. Failcon was launched in Silicon Valley and has already been held in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, Sydney, India and Brazil, and is now coming to Barcelona on 6 June at bizbarcelona. The event provides a forum for discussing all the issues that concern people who are launching their own business. Speakers explain their own and others’ mistakes and how to learn from them in order to move forward.

Finance Marketplace, a place for finding new forms of financing for your company or project. Subject to prior registration, you can meet up with banks, financial institutions, representatives of Business networks and venture capitalists looking for interesting business ideas in which to invest.

Speed Dating with Business Angels, on the 5th June the main Business Angels networks and Seed operators in the city are waiting to hear about your project, aimed at companies with financing needs up to 300,000 euros.

Crowd funding, on the 5th June the main Crowdfunding groups and networks in the city will be at your disposal for you to present your project to them.

Venture Capital Corner, on the 6th June a venture capital fund with high investment capacity. Three-minute interviews with venture capitalist, aimed at companies with financing needs of over 300,000 euros.

Advice and services. The show will have business advice desks for dealing with requests from SMEs and self-employed professionals. Experts from advisory organizations will provide personalized guidance on the subjects of starting up a company, access to finance, innovation and technology, sales and marketing techniques, internationalization, etc.

Business advice. Experts from different organizations will be offering advice to help you find solutions and answers to questions or concerns about a range of subjects: communications 2.0 and customer relations, business management and finance, innovation in products and services, new trends and opportunities, and sales and internationalization.

Advice on Internationalization. If you need to export or sell to other foreign markets, this is the place to find the expert professionals who will give you advice on how to start up your export business.

Networking and Cooperation Activities. It is a great opportunity to make contacts. There will be face-to-face activities to promote interaction, generate business contacts and take advantage of synergies.

Speed Networking. This networking feature allow the participants to widen their network of business contacts in the most effective way, either by securing new clients and partners or generating both personal and corporate brand visibility.

Communication 2.0 and customer relations. Marketing tools, communications and social networks geared towards cementing customer loyalty, surprising customers and enlarging your business with new target markets.

This is the list of conferences for SMEs or entrepreneurs, where you can find the services, advice and inspiration for your business needs.

– Mobile consumers: how to interact with them.

– How to succeed with the social networks

– Are social networks of any use to SMEs?

– The keys to the new leadership in changing times

– Creative Personal Branding

– International communications 2.0 plan

– How to sell on the social networks?

– Karma Wins

– (Brand) Spirit construction

– Presentation of : Start-Up Catalonia Program

– Understanding and Using Gamification to sell more

– The online strategy of FC Barcelona and the FCB Apps programme. Online PROBIKE strategy: “from leisure to business”. Evolution of the .cat domain, se

– Prospecting and sales in difficult times

– Techy or tetchy? This is the question

– The digital identity of the entrepreneur and the company

– Publicize your business on the social networks

– Social responsibility of the consumer’s participation in the brand

– 2.0 in the new generation of companies

All the elements and the inspiration are being provided at BIZbarcelona to get invaluable advice to get success, to expand your knowledge, to take part in network sessions and enlarge network of contacts, to make contact with organizations and companies, to get direct access to the offerings of 90 institutions; and all these activities while enjoying the city of Barcelona, one of the most internationally European cities where you can find a huge range of leisure and cultural attractions.

Will you disregard it?





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