The potential from Catalonia


Catalonia is becoming more and more known over the world. It already started as a result of the Olympic Games in 1992, and afterwards several events such as Forum of the Cultures, the Mobile World Congress which is being celebrated since 2008.

Catalonia has closed the economic balance from 2012 with an increase on the export trade.The catalan companies sold abroad for a total value of € 58,283 million, which had never been achieved before. From that, 16,1% belong to the turnover that was coming from outside the European Union. Besides, it went up the number of catalan companies that were exporting outside the EU till achieving 45.937. It happened over again, that Catalonia sold more to the rest of the world (54.3%) than to the rest of the Spain (45,7%). This proves the good state that Catalonia enjoys from a commercial point of of view, and also proves the strength that Catalonia has since ever.

The regions were Catalonia exported most during this period was to Australia, Africa and South America.

If we analyze the sectors, the chemical one gets 25,9%; the automotive industry gets 16,5%; the agro food 11,6%; followed by the textile sector, the metallurgical one and the machinery with 6,4%.

84,1% of the catalan companies foresee to keep the average of the export transactions or to increase them. The emerging opportunities come from environment and energy industry, water, drinks and refreshing in general, chemical and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, urban sustainability, mobility and efficient use of resources.


2 responses to “The potential from Catalonia

  1. Dear Jeff/Jose,
    Thanks for your comment. Nevertheless let me point out that the figures above mentioned are related to Catalonia. If the article was regarding Spain, the figures would be further ones and the inputs as well.

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